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We offer a unique approach for Planning and Implementing Smart City initiatives. Our services include: Coaching & Mentoring, Brainstorming Sessions, Workshops & Seminars, Advisory Services, and On-Going Support.

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Phillip Andrews received the coveted Dr. Dick Dozer Award (offered by the Dallas Chapter of Institute of Management Consultants) for his contributions to the consulting profession and distinguished career.

This award is offered to management and business consultants
for their work in Innovation and leadership.


Virtual Enterprise

We are a Virtual Enterprise that has several strategic and tactical alliances with SMEs and large enterprises that bring a wide array of special offerings to our clients — from disruptive technologies to the best strategic thinkers and brainstorming facilitators on the planet.


Real Time All the Time

Unlike other virtual enterprises, our cooperative efforts are not supported by computer networks alone. We communicate and collaborate in real time with our partners and have regular face-to-face meetings to ensure that we all are on the same wavelength in terms of available opportunities, progress status, and analyses for additional skills required. Our network (or ecosystem) of partners is constantly changing, based on the needs and wants of our clients.

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Who We Are

We are a Social Enterprise that functions as a Virtual Enterprise, consisting of retired executives, professors, thought leaders, researchers, authors, and government leaders.

Our Mission

Assist cities and enterprises of all sized to become smart, resilient, sustainable, and green by offering the best solutions that fit them.


Become a premier source of support and inspiration for Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises to improve the standard of living and the abilities to thrive in a hypercompetitive environment.

Guiding the Way

Knowing how to embark on the Smart Cities journey is makes all the difference.  Knowing which road to take makes all the difference between Success and Failure, and between a Leading or Exemplary Smart City vs. An-Also-Ran

A Word of Caution

Some roads are dead-end, others are too narrow for comfort, and others yet, are too treacherous and risky.  Choose the right road (actually a Highway) and be safe and happy.  Don’t be fooled by technology vendors!
  • Most consulting firms will push you down the technology path, which will only take you to a narrow street. Technology is necessary, but it is NOT The Big Picture of The End All, Beat All
  • We promote The Holistic Approach to becoming Smart
  • The People and Social Aspects are more important than the Technological aspects. Having 45,000 cameras and 50,000 smart poles is great, but their level of smartness (City IQ) only increased by 10 points. The goal is to increase the level of smartness by 100+ points. Yes, Cities have IQs just like people, and like people, the ones with higher IQ enjoy a better and healthier life (it’s all about the Quality of Life that matters). We know how. It is the new Social and Human Services, a new type of Democracy (called Participatory Democracy), the Cultural Dynamism and Strength … and Spirit Of Excellence and Togetherness that makes a city really smart and great. Economic Development, Smart Growth, Smart Jobs, Smart Culture, Smart Education … and Wealth Creation are all dependent on the willingness to be Smart and better than others. It’s the same as what great people want in life.
  • Key Reminder: The Proactive Approach is always better to be recognized locally and globally as an exemplary Smart City. Reactive Approach is for cities that lack vision, leadership and guts.  Please don’t be part of the new emerging Rust Belt called The Dumb Belt.

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A True Smart City

The overwhelming majority of them have self-declared themselves to be Smart Cities — only a handful of them deserve that label today. They ignore the most important aspect of “Smart”, which has to do with new innovative (citizen-driven and focused) services, and a much-improved quality of life. READ MORE

The Heart of The Matter

The overwhelming majority of them put all the emphasis on ICT and the technical infrastructure (incl. physical devices), while ignoring the human, social, environmental, economic and governmental factors (incl. EDP).

A Future Vision

The overwhelming majority (over 70%) of them do not have a Higher Purpose, Vision, Master Plan or a Roadmap to the Future. Those that have a roadmap, only address the next 3-5 years, ignoring the long-term impact of the tsunami that will hit major cities … and humanity, as a whole. Contact us to for our White Paper re: A Brave New World (A Future Vision)?

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