Advancing the Autonomous Workforce

Authors: Frank Groenteman, Phillip Andrews

The Autonomous Workforce 4.0 book explains the evolution of workforce designs and type of work that relies more and more on advanced technologies and newly reinforced employee abilities. The typical workforce will soon be a thing of the past.

The infusion of new technologies affords employees the abilities to achieve and deliver more products and services faster, better (quality), cheaper (at a lower cost).  This is the very thing that not too long ago “the experts” were proclaiming that was impossible to achieve.

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Holistic Innovation

Authors: Phillip Andrews, Lynn Scarborough, Doug Berman, Kurt Wall

The Holistic Innovation book explains the megatrends that are forcing industrial enterprises and cities of all sizes to rethink the way they are dealing with invention and innovation.  On top of the megatrends, there are several emerging crises and competitive threats (from all four corners of the world) that require businesses and cities to raise their sustainability and resilience levels to new heights.

Knowing the new techniques, approaches, processes, tools and technologies is critical to both leveraging invention and innovation the right way and getting the maximum value out of them in the shortest period of time.

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NextGen Smart Cities

Authors: Phillip Andrews, Debi Stack, Frank Groenteman, Glenn Roberson, Tom Allen, Glenn Wintrich 

The NextGen Smart Cities book explains the megatrends that are fostering the birth of a new civilization that requires Smart Cities,  Smart Culture, Smart Government, Smart Education, Smart Mobility and Transportation, Smart Utilities, Smart Buildings (incl. Smart Homes), Smart Infrastructure, Smart Citizens … Smart Everything!

The book also addresses the 4 types of Smart Cities that one can choose from, the right way to approach a Smart City strategy, the right initiatives, the right technologies and the right approaches for Economic Development … and Transformation Management.

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