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We Offer Premier Services that Support Smart Cities Across the World.

Coaching & Mentoring

City Officials (and their departments) | Business Executives and Owners (and their teams) | NGOs and NPOs  | Entrepreneurs | Startup Companies | ISDs

Workshop & Seminars

Megatrends and Undercurrents That Affect Society | Advanced Sustainability (It’s All About Innovation) | Going Green For Business and Office | Going Green For Home
| NextGen Smart Cities | Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing | Advanced Manufacturing Techniques | Disruptive Technologies and How To Leverage Them |
Creative Disruption Business Models | Gov. 2.0 and 3.0 (Creative Disruption for Governments) | Smart Education (For the 21st Century) | Comprehending What The
Digital Age Is All About | Digital Transformation | Change Management | Techniques for Major Disruptions | Case Studies (for all of the above topics

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On-Going Support

Offering an Extensive Online Knowledge Warehouse | Offering Unique Outreach Programs | Offering Unique Hackathon sessions

Brainstorming Sessions

Strategic Plans (incl. Visioning and Values) | Business Models | Roadmaps To the Future | Setting Up Teams The Right Way | Designing the Cities Of The Future |
Designing The Enterprise Of The Future | Designing The Right Digital Age Roadmap | Designing The Right Digital Transformation Approach | Designing the Right
Economic Development Programs | Solving Specific Business and Government Problems | Changing Cultures (incl. Values, Beliefs and Paradigms)

Advisory Services

Assisting Cities and Businesses in Designing, Creating and Nurturing their Ecosystems | Assisting Cities and Business formulate great Strategic and
Operational Plans | Assisting Cities and Businesses with their Project/Program Management Efforts | Assisting Cities and Businesses with their Change
Management or Transformational Efforts | Assisting Cities and Businesses with Operational, Organizational, Structural and Cultural Improvements

Planning Smart Cities

For more details on our approach for Planning and Implementing Smart Cities initiatives please CLICK HERE.

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