Deriving Probable from Possible

For 30 years, David Mays has been learning, living, working, and creating in North Texas. David holds a BS in Neuroscience from UT Dallas and received additional formal education in medicine, writing, and business. Consulting on the startup process for companies, projects, and individuals, David has created innovative solutions for numerous industries such as preventative healthcare, environmental medicine, materials manufacturing, construction science, insurance, service industries, water treatment, and fitness training. David’s networking habits include finding scientists and engineers with wonderful ideas and helping connect them with people who need those solutions.

“The world of possibility outpaces industry. New information, inventions, and technology develop faster than society can assimilate, and this progress is increasing geometrically in our amazing modern macrocosm. We live in a world of Schrodinger’s problems, how bad they are depends on when, where, and how we look. The solution for many real world obstacles often includes some form of finding and correctly applying already existing ideas, products, or processes. The need for significant paradigm shifts exist between many needs and their suitable fixes, and it is into this grand puzzle from which we need to extract probability from possibility with delicacy and tact, understanding that endangered social structures, organizational weight, and threatened investments represent the real lives of individuals as much as do the obstacles we seek to overcome.”


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