Authors: Phillip Andrews, Lynn Scarborough, Doug Berman, Kurt Wall

The Holistic Innovation book explains the megatrends that are forcing industrial enterprises and cities of all sizes to rethink the way they are dealing with invention and innovation.  On top of the megatrends, there are several emerging crises and competitive threats (from all four corners of the world) that require businesses and cities to raise their sustainability and resilience levels to new heights.

Knowing the new techniques, approaches, processes, tools and technologies is critical to both leveraging invention and innovation the right way and getting the maximum value out of them in the shortest period of time.

“With this mobile era we have very new, very different media.  It’s a paradigm shift into a non-linear era of great complexity.  Creative individuals see realistically, holistically, and aren’t tied to a linear mindset.  Creative practitioners play a critical role in creating and improving products, services, and policies in a mobile, Digital Age.” Linda Holliday (Founder of CITIA)

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Phillip P. Andrews, MBA




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