Mr. Wall is the President of The Future, International Innovation Center’s, an extensive business alliance partnership focused on solving Humanitarian Global Issues converging Innovations Around Global solutions and lean transformation. He previously worked on projects involving the rapid deployment of Homeland Security including a multi-stage “Airports of the future” projects for Boeing Corporation.

Mr. Wall’s background includes senior positions with the National RFID Center, DFW Innovation Center, and Convergence of Technologies. He has worked with IBM, DHL, Motorola, SBC Communications, Siemens, Sun, Intermec, Cisco Systems, Best Buy, Starback Co. Alliance Texas, Federal Reserve, Nextel Communications, Texas Instrument, Intel, Ryder, American Airlines, and Samsung

He has served on the Board of Directors of National Innovation Centers, DFW Innovation Center, as well as on the Boards of multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is also involved as an Empire Builder and as a Venture Capitalist in convergent technologies.  He was involved for years with STARtech and other incubators and accelerators.  He in an expert and professor in Homeland Security as it relates to water and transportation. He does additional consulting in areas involving intelligent water design.

Mr. Wall’s current areas of focus are: a) Innovation Measurements and Validation, b) Global Water Solutions, and c) Creative Disruption and Growth Strategies.  He is a frequent Speaker and Organizer of Events, Conferences, and Workshops. His books include: Holistic Innovations, and The Spark of Innovations (the Alchemist Fire Inside the creativity of passion of needs.


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