Authors: Phillip Andrews, Debi Stack, Frank Groenteman, Glenn Roberson, Tom Allen, Glenn Wintrich

The NextGen Smart Cities book explains the megatrends that are fostering the birth of a new civilization that requires Smart Cities, Smart Culture, Smart Government, Smart Education, Smart Mobility and Transportation, Smart Utilities, Smart Buildings (incl. Smart Homes), Smart Infrastructure, Smart Citizens … Smart Everything!

The book also addresses the 4 types of Smart Cities that one can choose from, the right way to approach a Smart City strategy, the right initiatives, the right technologies and the right approaches for Economic Development … and Transformation Management.

“The best way to approach the future is to design it!”

“A Smart City’s environment is shaped not only by people who have an important influence, but by everyone who lives and works there” Robert Cowan

“Every day is your day to make your city better and smarter.  Dumb Cities do Not Survive”

Welcome to The New era Of Drastic Change!

The book will be available in October – just-in-time for the Smart Cities Conference in Tampa!

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Phillip P. Andrews, MBA




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