Mr. Andrews is an author, professor, international keynote speaker, thought leader, author, executive coach, business advisor, entrepreneur and business owner/executive. He started his career as a Robotics Engineer working in the automotive industry.

His main areas of focus are: The Digital Age (Industry 4.0) and Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, Smart,
Resilient, and Sustainable Cities & Businesses, Strategic Technologies for Competitive Advantage.

His main skills are: Strategic Planning, Brainstorming, Mentoring, Operations Improvement, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Change/Transformation Management.

He has a long business career with Ford Motor Company, GE, IBM and EDS (now HP). He also worked for Deloitte and Booz Allen. His consulting clients (among others) include General Motors, Sprint, MCI, 3M, Caterpillar, Case Corporation, Alenia, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing).

He has served on 6 Boards of Directors and has started 5 companies. He currently serves as a senior mentor for four Innovation Centers, incl. a local one (in Austin) called the Cleantech Open, and The DEC (in Dallas). He already has published 8 books and is in process of authoring two more books to be published in 2021.

His experience re: Smart Cities is engendered from assisting in the visioning andplanning process of two of American cities, and being involved with two other cities that try to embark right now on the long journey to becoming smart. His partners include the Atlas Solutions Center, Human Sustainability Institute, e-Squared Energy Advisors, and other powerful Think Tanks, Educational Institutions, and Consulting Firms.

His personal goal is to bring as many cities and businesses as possible to a higher level of excellence by enhancing resiliency, sustainability, livability, smart abilities, and QoL by applying and implementing the concepts, principles and main tenets of The 4 th Industrial Revolution.

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